Eagle River - 2000

In Feb of 2000 my wife and I went to Eagle River, WI to go snowmobiling with some friends of ours.  It was a pretty big group, but we rented a house and it all worked out space wise.  We loved it even though that year we only rented a 2-up snowmobile which meant that one was driving and the other was the passenger.  Paula's driving scared the crap out of me (while being a passenger on the back) so I told here the next year she had to rent her own. 

Munising, MI - Dec 2000

The next season (Dec 28-Jan 1, 2001) we went to Munising over the new year weekend.  This time 2 couples of the previous group and us rented a tiny cabin.  The quarters were tight, but we had a great time.  Here are our pictures from Munising:

picture1 - picture2picture3 - picture4 - picture5 - picture6 - picture7 - picture8 - picture9 - picture10 - picture11 - picture12 - picture13 - picture14picture15 - picture16 - picture17 - picture18 - picture19

Buy sleds fall/winter 2001

After this second trip Paula and I decided it was time to buy snowmobiles since we enjoyed it so much.  In November/December of 2001 we bought them. I ended up getting a 1996 Ski-Doo Formula III 600cc Long Track (3 cylinder, liquid cooled).  The long track is supposed to help some in deeper snow and straight line runs, but it shouldn't be confused with a mountain sled.  Paula went the inexpensive (initial cost) route and bought a 1990 Polaris Indy Classic 500cc with electric start (2 cylinder, liquid cooled).  The starter on this snowmobile wasn't positioned properly to engage the flywheel (lack of better name) so I had to shim it with some washers.  I had to clean up the connectors for the various switches and buy a battery.  Also, her thumb and hand warmers weren't functional so I replaced them.  Other than that the motor seemed to run very well.  The track was in good condition as well as the other parts (visually).

Houghton, MI - Dec 2001

Our next trip was to Houghton, MI.  This was going to be our first test of how our machines were going to perform.  My Formula III ran great.  It had a couple of fouled plugs since it was so warm when I was working on the sleds prior to the trip. Paula's machine was another story.  This is what happened 4 miles into it. In the end it was o.k. Paula and our friend Christie went into town, shopped and just relaxed.

Houghton:  picture1 - picture2picture3 - picture4 - picture5 - picture6 - picture7 - picture8 - picture9 - picture10 - picture11 - picture12 - picture13 - picture14picture15 - picture16 

Winter, WI - March 2002

Well after waiting most of the winter we made a trip to Paula's parent's cabin in Winter, WI. The cabin location is Great!!! This was the first test of Paula's sled after all the repair work. Of course, like all motorized vehicles she ownes she had to bang it up once or twice. The first time she went a little off course in a turn and went into the powder. There was a small tree with a low branch that caught her windshield (no risk to her she had already fallen off) and broke it. Then on a tight turn she decided to launch the sled into the trees again after she lept off it. Luckily she was fine, but this time the slet took a beating. The bumper and nose cone were smashed beyond repair. At least if anyone else blows that turn they have some room to stop. Paula's sled took out about 10 small trees in a row before it finally stopped. Anyway, here is a link: WinterWI 2002 page

March 2003 - New sled

On April 1, 2003 I bought a newer snowmobile. After looking around quite a bit and reading up a little I decided to go with a 2002 Polaris 700cc Edge X in Sonic Blue. It is a sharp looking snowmobile.
Here is a link: My Sonic Blue Polaris 700cc Edge X

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