Here are more pictures of my LT1 396 ci stroker rebuild.  These are the finishing touches!!!!!!

Motinstall1 is the first picture of the motor install process.  The motor is on the hoist almost ready to be wheeled over the engine bay.  Motinstall2 is of the engine above the engine bay of my Formula.  Take note that I plugged up the waterpump drive shaft and the optispark drive shaft holes in the timing cover since I will not be using them.  Motinstall3 is of the motor about 1/2 way in the engine bay.   A little twisting back and fourth and it was in there. 

Here are 2 pictures of the hooker headers from below the car after they were installed....hookers1....hookers2.   Since these are long tube Hooker Headers a custom y-pipe (mmcy_pipe & mmcy_pipe2) from MMC needs to be welded together and installed.   Since the time I put together this project I have heard that Mufflex and Roadtech(?) have begun to make y-pipes for hooker headers and I assume they are already welded together.  In summer of 2000, I built my own custom Hooker Y-Pipe which clears the Spohn Torque Arm (one of the best TAs on the market).  Check the link below.

Here is a few pictures of my SDI system.  It is/was made by Electromotive Inc, but unfortunately it is no longer in production.  Eat your hearts out Optispark victims!!! (SDI, SDI wires, SDI Trigger).  As I mentioned I have since sold the SDI unfortunately.  It was a nice alternative to the opti.


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