After the piss poor performance I had at the track with my previous 396ci setup I decided I had better re-work the heads.  As you could see in my Canfield head page there was very little done port wise.  Actually, for $500 I would have expected MMC to spend some time on them.

Anyway, Greg at Greg's Automotive (815-690-1234) has spent a significant amount of time on them at a very reasonable price.  He has worked on stock LT1 casting, Canfields (LT1 and ford), Dart, etc.  This is just a quick web page to let people check out the porting that Greg has done.

Intake ports
He spent quite a bit of time straightening the ports using some creative thinking along the way.
Intake1 - Intake2 - intake3 - intake4 - intake5 - intake6 - intake7

Exhaust Ports:
Greg felt the exhaust ports were pretty good.  He did some porting and polishing there though.
Exhuast1 - Exhaust2 - Exhaust3 - Exhaust4 - exhaust5

Compression Chambers:
 Since we were decking the block to a zero deck height from about 0.020" he wanted to open the chambers up some to keep the CR in order.  To do this he had to reshape the chambers some.

Before (left)/After side by side1 - before (left)/after side by side 2
pre-porting1 - pre-porting2 - pre- porting 3 - pre-porting4
after port 1 - after port 2 - after port 3 - after port 4 - after port 5

One picture of the bowl is here: click here vs the version from MMC - pix 1 - nothing done hardly

Newest Pictures:

More exhaust ports: picture1, picture2, picture3,

More intake runner ports: picture1, picture2, picture3, picture4

Ported Intake MANIFOLD: picture1, picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5

Manifold Cut for Monoblade: picture1


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